Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finally Home!!!!!

Our plane left almost two hours late and we were so ready to be home. When we got to Salt Lake we had another long wait with immigration as they carefully went through all of Misha's papers. We were so excited to walk out the door and see our kids, family and great friends that came to greet us. It is the most amazing thing to start our journey as a new family unit, and to have all my children together. Wev'e been home for a couple days now and I have to say things have been going well. I am sure Misha is overwhelmed with all the new faces and experiences, but he has been a great sport. One of his friends from Sumy came over today and I had to laugh watching them eat handfuls of green, unripe apples off my tree. It's been an adventure!!!!! Thanks for following along with us.


mcjenn said...

Welcome home Margie! and Misha and Kent! Congratulations you made it through the journey to Ukraine. What a wonderful story you told. Here's to recovering from jet lag and the adjusting to the new real life!

Louise and Ray Evenson said...
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Wendy said...

Hi, I'm Wendy and we have about 10 couples going to the Ukraine this year to adopt. In an effort to help time pass as we wait for our SDA appointments, I've decided to do a research post. I'd like to publish a post to help all of us with our upcoming adventure in the Ukraine. I found your blog through the Save A Child Unofficial blogsite. I'm hoping you could take a minute and share with me any and/or all of the following:
1. Travel tips
2. Things you did that worked for you
3. Things you wish you would have done differently
4. Things we should know about customs, traditions, manners
5. Things to help our children (both in the Ukraine & at home) through this experience
6. Thing to do, see, and/or buy while we're there!
7. Eating tips or secrets.
8. Anything you'd like to share.
You may comment on my blog at www.blessedwitharichhart.blogspot.com or email me at richharts@msn.com .
All comments and suggestions will be appreciated and I won't disclose your name or anything in my post, unless you want me too!
Thanking you all in advance!